StatusDate request receivedDate completedLocationCompleted byAmount of trash collected
Completed-6/14/2023Chapel RoadAnonymous1 bag of trash
Completed-7/28/2023Middle Road (Paget)Anonymous1 bag of trash
Completed-7/31/2023Astwood ParkAnonymous2 bags of trash
Completed-8/9/2023Chapel RoadAnonymous1 bag of trash
Completed-8/11/2023Kindley Field RoadAsa M.2 bags of trash
Completed8/13/20238/14/2023Spicelands Bus Stop (Warwick)Anonymous1 bag of trash
Completed8/13/20238/15/2023Harlem Heights RoadAsa M.3 bags of trash
Completed8/14/20238/17/2023Church BayAnonymous2 bags of trash
Completed8/14/20238/18/2023Penhurst Park (North Shore)Anonymous4 bags of trash
Ongoing8/14/2023-Penhurst Park (Middle Road)-3 bags of trash
Completed-8/25/2023Middle RoadAnonymous1 bag of trash
Completed-8/27/2023Paget Railway Trail (near Evangelical Church)Anonymous2 bags of trash
Completed-9/5/2023ArboretumAnonymous1 bag of trash
Completed-10/23/2023Grape BayAnonymous2 bags of trash

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped pick up trash around the island!

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