BDA Cleanup is an initiative that encourages micro-volunteering to aid in trash collection around the island. Micro-volunteering is a method of completing smaller tasks, working independently or in small groups towards a larger collective goal.

Individuals are able to pick up trash in their own time without the obligation of ongoing commitment, where every little bit helps. 

If you’re interested in volunteering in an organized setting, we encourage you to check out the island-wide events and the other great work done by Keep Bermuda Beautiful!

How our project works

BDA Cleanup allows individuals to tackle any requests we receive in their own time, which are listed on our Cleanup Requests page and updated on a regular basis.

In addition to our ever-growing list of clean-up spots, people who sign up to our information form will be sent specific clean-up locations to keep them informed on needs in particular areas!

Verifying trash pick-up

Due to the independent nature of our volunteering initiative, we don’t have a formal method of verifying trash pick-up.

Instead, people are encouraged to send us a short submission form to let us know about a finished clean-up. Feel free to take lots of pictures while you’re out there!


Safety is a very important consideration when out picking up trash. BDA Cleanup asks that any individuals under the age of 18 receive permission from a parent or guardian before going out to an unfamiliar location.

We strongly encourage wearing protective clothing – such as work gloves and sneakers – when doing a trash clean-up. Trash bags and disposable gloves can be provided to you upon request.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send an email to

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